You can integrate Aporia with Cisco's Full-Stack Observability Platform to receive alerts and notifications directly to the platform, and view your models health status in a centralized place.

Setting up the FSOP Integration

  1. Create a service principal in Cisco's platform

    1. Click on Access Management and go to Service Principals

    2. Click on Add

    3. Define the new service principal. Note to pick Basic for Authentication Type and add the Agent default role access (Under Edit Role Access). Then click on Create.

    4. Save the output service principal details - They will be needed for the Aporia integration.

  2. Log into Aporia’s console. On the navbar on the left, click on Integrations, switch to the Applications tab, and choose Cisco.

  3. Enter your Tenant Details and Service Principal Details, as created in the previous step. The Tenant URL should include the schema with no added URIs (https://<tenant>

  4. Click Save. On success the save button will become disabled, and you'll be able to Test the integration.

Congratulations: You’ve now successfully integrated Aporia to Cisco's FSO Platform!

After Integrating Cisco FSOP, any monitors will be automatically configured to send alerts to the platform.

In addition, the workspace state will now be synced to the FSO platform periodically, including models and alerts.

Happy Monitoring!

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