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I'm reporting predictions, but nothing changes in the dashboard

Predictions are reported asynchronously and in batches to improve performance - if you want to send them immediately, use the aporia.flush() function.

I'm not seeing any logs from the Aporia SDK

When using the default settings, the Aporia SDK will only write ERROR and WARNING logs.

If you are certain that something is wrong, but still cannot see any error logs, please try the following:

  • Make sure you are not running your code in a Jupyter notebook
  • Try to enable verbose mode by passing verbose=True to aporia.init

I've created a monitor, why haven't I received an alert?

Different reasons may cause you not to receive an alert:

  • Everything with your model behavior is fine.
  • No data was reported in the "Inspection Period" defined in your monitor's configuration.
  • Your monitor configuration has a "Prediction Count" constrain that wasn't answered.
  • No data was reported in the "Compared to" period defined in your monitor's configuration - this is relevant for some of the monitors like "Data Drift - Anomaly Detection Monitor".
  • The monitor hasn't run yet.
  • You've set the monitor with the wrong configuration: model, environment, version etc...

I reported actuals, but I can't see any performance metrics in the dashboard

It may take up to an hour after reporting actuals to get performance metrics.

Common Pitfalls

  • Don't name any of your files - otherwise it will collide with the Aporia SDK when you attempt to import it.