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Data Segments

Using Aporia, you can define data segments to improve your monitoring capabilities.

Suggested Data Segments

After you create a version for your model, Aporia will provide you with automatic data segment suggestions for each feature and raw_inputs defined in the schema.

NOTE: For the suggestions engine to work great, more than 100 predictions are required.

Data Segment Suggestion

Simply click on the + sign of any of the suggested fields to create a data segment based on that suggestion.

Creating a Data Segment

When creating a new data segment group, you can choose between an automatic definition and a custom definition.

Automatic Data Segments

When creating a data segment group using the "Automatic Segment" option, multiple data segments are defined using a single, simple rule:

Automatic Segment

  • For numeric fields, segments are defined by a minimum value, a maximum value, and the interval between two segments
  • For vector fields, segments are defined as in the numeric, but in terms of the text length size
  • For categorical, boolean and string values, a segment will be defined for each unique value of the field

Custom Data Segments

When creating a data segment using the "Custom Segment" option, multiple rules can be used to define a single data segment:

Custom Segment

NOTE: Currently there is no data segmentation for vector field